The first social survey in the field of gambling conducted by iData

More than 80% of Moldovians say they have never playd gambling games, such as lottery or sports betting, and only two percent of the population claims to be addicted to this kind of activity. These are the results of a sociological study carried out in April by IData. 1,053 people took part in the survey, writes Publika TV.


Also, according to the study, 7 out of 10 respondents said that nothing can make them gamble, as they are indifferent to advertising or the advice of close person. These data prove that the so-called "Alaiba Law", which prohibits advertising of lotteries and sports betting, has not solved a single social problem, because there is no such problem, clarifies the non-governmental organization "Legal Business Monitor", which commissioned the first survey in this area.

The IData study shows that only 17 and a half Moldovans have played gambling games, such as lottery or sports betting. When asked how often, 8 out of 10 respondents said they had never played, and only 1,3 percent said they did it every week.

The survey participants were also asked how much money they are willing to spend per month to participate in gambling, such as lottery or sports betting. Almost a fourht of respondents named 100 lei as the maximum amount, and only 0.8% expressed their willingness to spend more than five thousand lei on this entertainment. Just over 70% said, that they don't know or can't answer this question.




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