The National Lottery of Moldova paid 52 million lei in dividends to the state budget: this represents half of the company's profit

The "National Lottery of Moldova" paid over 52 million lei to the country's budget in the form of dividends in 2021. It is half of the net profit of 105.5 million lei, obtained in 2020 by this state company. The data can be found in a press release from the "National Lottery of Moldova", according to


According to the "National Lottery of Moldova", the amount of 15 million lei was paid as income tax, and 64.5 million lei were paid in the form of other taxes and fees in the national public budget. At the same time, 30% of the net income will be directed towards the development of the enterprise, and 5% for the formation of reserve capital. Also, during the meeting of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the "National Lottery of Moldova", the share capital was increased from 100 lei to 240 lei per share. Thus, the social capital of the "National Lottery of Moldova" increased from 250 thousand lei to 600 thousand lei.

We remind you that the "National Lottery of Moldova" is the official state monopoly in the field. Since the spring of 2018, the National Lottery has launched the public-private partnership with NGM Company in the field of lotteries and sports betting. We remind you that from January 1, 2022, the so-called Alaiba "law" entered into force, by which lottery and sport betting advertising was prohibited. However, the initiative did not come up with solutions to fight the online advertising of gambling and sport betting sites that operate without authorization and do not pay any money to the state budget. Moreover, recently the Public Services Agency announced that it had identified 1072 web pages, online platforms and applications through which unauthorized gambling games were accessed and demands that the subjects be held accountable.


Moreover, the "Alaiba law" hit hard on the independent press that is financed strictly from advertising budgets, something anticipated by several media experts and TV and radio station managers. At the same time, the economic expert from Expert-Group Stas Madan qualified this law "as a genuine act of political myopia of the government". According to the economist, quoted by, the initiative has an impact on the regulation of entrepreneurial activity and the Regulatory Impact Analysis was absolutely necessary, but it was not done.


At the same time, Madan claims that there are decisions of the European Court of Justice, in which it is very clearly specified: "Operators should be allowed to expand their games of chance, advertise on a certain scale and use different types of distribution channels, to compete against illegal operators and be able to offer a reliable alternative to illegal gambling". In this context, it is estimated that as a result of these changes in the legislation, proposed by Alaiba, in 2022 the "Moldova National Lottery" will no longer have such a profit, and the receipts to the state budget will decrease significantly.


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